MRI Staff

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Mailing Address: DMC Harper University Hospital, MRI Research, G030, 3990 John R St., Detroit, MI, 48201.
Phone: (313) 745-1391

Zahid Latif, RT
Chief Research Technologist

Zahid Latif is the Chief Research Technologist at the Human imaging division. He has worked in medical imaging for the past 30 years in a clinical setting and has long standing experience in MRI. He collaborates with researchers from many major departments such as Neurology, ER, Trauma, PRB, Oncology and BME. For any research project with an MR imaging component, he sets up the protocols and acquires MRI data for pilot studies as well as the final funded studies. He also participates in functional brain imaging studies with psychiatry and traumatic brain injury (TBI), multiple sclerosis (MS) and normal aging projects with neurology faculty. In collaboration with the clinical faculty, Zahid develops and participates in local, national, and international trials in MS, TBI, and DCE projects. He is an imaging specialist for the MR systems in anatomical, spectroscopy as well as in functional imaging.

Mailing Address: DMC Harper University Hospital, MRI Research, G030, 3990 John R St., Detroit, MI, 48201.
Phone: (313) 745-1388

Pavan Kumar Jella, MS
MR Technician, Research Assistant

Mr. Jella is an MR Technician on the 3T human scanner. He is also responsible for preparing and submitting institutional review board (IRB) applications for Dr. Haacke and other faculty. He plays an important role in running scans for various MRI studies, including running scans on the weekends. He is also responsible for maintaining financial records, invoicing for various service provided and generating financial reports. He performs data collection, data transfer, quality control, and generates detailed reports for all areas of the MRRF. He is part of the scientific and administrative review committee (the MRRC) for all the research studies (commercial and non-commercial) that are conducted at the MRRF.

Mailing Address: DMC Harper University Hospital, MRI Research, G030, 3990 John R St., Detroit, MI, 48201.
Phone: (313) 966-2233

Yang Xuan
MR Technician, Research Assistant

Yang Xuan is the back-up operator for 7T magnet. He is an expert in MR spectroscopy and is involved in several funded research projects, including multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, and DCE-MRI for breast cancer. He is the research person for clinically related examinations, such as 1H,31P, 23Na MRS of brain and body tumors and cancer. He processes MRI and MRS data and is manager of the Chemical Lab, making phantoms for MRI research. He performs MRI system back-up and maintains the website and data server for the center.

Mailing Address: University Health Center, 5E – 16, 4201 St. Antoine, Detroit, MI 48201.
Phone: (313) 933-8303

Yongsheng Chen
M.S., Research Assistant

Yongsheng Chen is an MRRF research scientist. He focuses on the development of novel image acquisition concepts, and he supports faculty for new sequence developments related to high resolution imaging and MR angiography. His projects include: MR angiography, imaging the eye, multi-flip angle imaging, 4D flow imaging, 3D perfusion imaging, and general sequence programming.

Small Animal Imaging – 7T magnet
Mailing Address: University Health Center, 4J, 4201 St. Antoine, Detroit, MI 48201.
Phone: (313) 966-0579

Yimin Shen, PhD
Research Associate

Dr. Yimin Shen is the Research Associate and Chief MR operator who is responsible for the day to day operation and maintenance of the 7T system. He has a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry and 10 years of solid-state high resolution NMR experience and has worked in small animal MRI/MRS and clinical MRS. He brings a physical chemistry perspective to bridge the gap between medical researchers and MRI. Yimin’s MRI/MRS data have been published in many abstracts and papers. He’s currently involved in animal MRI projects including Effects of P-Glycoprotein Modification on Hydrocephalus; Preclinical Evaluation of Investigational Agents; Preclinical Development of a Novel Targeted Approach for NF1 Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors; PET-CT & MRI Screening and Immunohistochemistry Optimization for Novel Radiotracers. He has collected and analyzed human MRS data for a long-term study of MS with Neurology faculty.

Mailing Address: Scott Hall, 540 East Canfield St., Detroit, MI 48201.
Phone: (313) 577-1747

Robin Roberts, B.S.
Senior Research Assistant

Robin Roberts is an MR Technician on the 7T small animal magnet with 17 years of experience in small animal imaging. Her responsibilities are to coordinate and schedule all 7T studies, track billing hours for paid and developmental studies, obtain paperwork for studies (IACUC approval letters, initial contact forms), coordinate DLAR/OEHS inspections, ensure 7T lab in compliance, and maintain organization and cleanliness of the 7T facility. She ensures that the animal (e.g., anesthesia) and MRI data collection needs of new and existing users are met. This involves helping to collectthe data, coordinating projects with Yimin Shen, and training and certifying users in how to collect their data safely. She runs the magnet for all Dr. Berkowitz’s studies and is currently learning how to collect different types of images to be additional support and back up for Dr. Shen.

11.7T magnet
Mailing Address: 2126 Scott Hall, 540 E. Canfield, Detroit, Michigan 48201.
Phone: (313) 745-6949

Farhad Ghoddoussi, PhD
Research Associate

Dr. Ghoddoussi's current research interest includes the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and spectroscopic techniques (MRS) in studying the neurochemical mechanisms of action of different pharmacological agents such as anesthetics and drugs of abuse. He also has utilized the same techniques to study neuropsychiatric disorders (epilepsy, ALS, schizophrenia, depression) cancer and genetic modifications on the neurochemical profiles in rodent or excised tissues of the human brain.

Mailing Address: University Health Center, 4J, 4201 St. Antoine, Detroit, MI 48201.
Phone: (313) 745-1395

Lisa Brownchidle, B.S.
MRRF Administrator

Lisa Brownchidle is the administrator of the MRRF. She has over 20 years experience in various areas of research. She is the main contact person at the MR Research Facility and plays a key role in the organization and running of the center. Her responsibilities are to assist in the organization, monitoring, and expedition of ongoing and future research projects. She is involved in the post award grant management for the center. In addition, she manages the magnet and grant accounts, oversees the financial records and prepares the budgets for the center. She takes the initiative to help organize all issues related to staffing, students, course preparation, meetings, and conferences to help the center run smoothly.

Mailing Address: University Health Center, 5E, 4201 St. Antoine, Detroit, MI 48201.
Phone: (313) 745-3433

Rachel D. Martis-Laze, B.S.
Grants Administrator

Rachel Martis-Laze is the MRRF’s Grants Administrator. She comes with over 14 years’ experience in the private sector preparing and submitting grants for Industry, State of Michigan and the National Institutes of Health agencies. In addition, she’s managed the preliminary and ongoing financial negotiations with the Department of Health & Human Services to successfully attain favorable overhead rates. She monitors award expenditures to ensure compliance with State and Federal laws and regulations; prepare financial statements and analyze project reports. She also provides technical leadership and oversight in the grant financial administration area, while providing customer service to faculty, staff and personnel from outside agencies and organizations.

Mailing Address: University Health Center, 4J, 4201 St. Antoine, Detroit, MI 48201.

Emil Pacurar, M.S.
System Administrator

Emil Pacurar is the System Administrator of the facility who supports and administers systems and the MR network at the MRRF. He manages the office computers, as well as the main database and the small databases that are behind our websites. He has made the data anonymizing system work by building two servers with 13Tb space each for better support and efficiency. Mr. Pacurar has made the hardware structure available for future virtualization and provided enough space for a possible Oracle database. Currently, he is building and controlling a 3D stereo system for a 3D simulation of MR data that will provide better 3D visualization of the data.