WSU MR Research Facility Services and Pricing for 3T & 7T MRI

Service/Equipment Nonprofit Funding
(e.g., NIH or departmental funds)
Commercial Funding
(e.g., drug companies)
3.0T Magnet Hourly Rate $650 $876 hourly
7.0T Magnet Hourly Rate $175 $383 hourly
3T Contrast Agent $100 $150 per session
CD/DVD Copy Service $7 $11 each
IV Patient Set up $25 $25 each
Cardiac Contrast Supplies $27 $27 per session
Oximetry $50 $50 per session
Contrast Supplies - Auto Injector $26 $26 per session
Pregnancy Testing* $10 $15 per session
iSTAT - Creatinine Testing $35 $35 per session
MR Data Processing** $150 - $400 $150 - $400 each

3T Billing Policy:
Studies administered on the 3T MRI will be billed for a minimum of 1 hour, with an additional 0.5 hours increments thereafter. The protocol time to be billed is from the start of the first scan to the end of data reconstruction. Each scheduled scanning appointment will include up to 0.5 hours buffer time that will not be billed—this allows time for participant safety screening, positioning the participant in the scanner and escorting out of the scanner. The anticipated protocol time (total duration of acquisition and reconstruction) will be determined in consultation with the MR Core. This consultation should be made at the time of developing a grant application or project protocol. All protocols must be reviewed for safety and feasibility by the MR Research Committee (MRRC) before initiating data collection, which will include confirmation of protocol time for billing. There will be no changes to billing for current studies, as of October 1, 2023, for the duration of their active funding. The study will be grandfathered under current arrangements.

7T Billing Policy:
Services provided on the 7T small animal MRI scanner will be billed by the actual logged room occupying time with above hourly rate. The user should start the logging session when they come into the 7T room and end it by the time they exit the room.

All prices are current as of October 1, 2023, approved by OVPR and are subject to change without notice.
All medical supplies will be charged as per the usage.
All Studies should be approved by the MRRC committee before scheduling any magnet time. See proposal submission guidelines here.
Due to any technical difficulties, if data are unusable because of problems with the MR system or operator error, we will be happy to repeat the study at no cost.
*Pregnancy test interpretation done by the MR Research personnel and is charged as indicated above.
** The charges applied depend on the complexity of the processing being performed.
If you have any questions, please contact Yang Xuan (email:; 313-966-2233).