MRI Pilot Project Program

The goal of the Pilot Project Program is solely to provide institutional support to investigators to acquire feasibility and/or preliminary MR data towards a future grant application using any one of the MRI facilities (human 3T system, animal 7T system).

  • To provide support for the scanning cost of new research projects initiated by new and young investigators
  • The acquired imaging data is to be used solely for the purpose of providing evidence of feasibility and evidence potentially supporting the proposed hypotheses in grant applications, i.e., part of preliminary data
  • The support will expire after 12 months of the effective date
  • The purpose of the PPP is not to support the collection of imaging data for a research study or publish research articles
  • A maximum of 20 scanning hours will be provided that is split 75% by the core and 25% by the investigator (or his/her department). The PI will be billed for the first 25% of the scans and OVPR with cover the remaining 75%
  • The PI must submit a report of the results from their pilot project to the PPP Committee no later than 4 months past the end of the study (i.e., a report highlighting how the data was utilized to support grant applications)
  • The role of the new PPP review committee is to ensure applications meet these criteria as noted above

Investigators requesting support for Pilot Project must submit:

  1. MRRC approval from MRI scan time (Apply for 3T scan time / 7T scan Time)
  2. A research proposal (not to exceed 3 pages) which includes:
    1. specific aims
    2. hypotheses
    3. background
    4. experimental approach
    Submit all applications to:
    Yang Xuan
    Phone: 313-966-2233
  3. Developmental Time application form.

Applications will be accepted for review in the order they are received.

Investigators can only request up to a maximum of 20 hours of scanning time; detailed scientific justification of the number of hours requested must be provided in the research proposal. Additional scanning time may be requested upon completion of the initial Pilot Project, and with a progress report and rationale.

15 hours - 75% - OVPR support
5 hours - 25% paid by the PI

Prior to submission, investigators must secure matching funds from their own accounts (such as their indirect account, a start-up fund account, a retention fund account and/or by the department/center/division funds) totaling 25% of the proposed scanning time cost.

Pilot Project applications will be reviewed and scored according to merit by the MRI Scientific Review Committee, which consists of MRI experts. There is a limit to the available funds provided by the SOM and OVPR in supporting this Pilot Project Program and, therefore, the awarding of scanning time for pilot projects will be competitive.