MR Research Committee (MRRC)

Given the numerous regulations regarding safety and requests for machine time, at the request of the director of the MR Core Research Facility (MRRF) and other regulatory officials, the MR Research Committee (MRRC) has been formed. MRRC is responsible for the maintenance, administration and proper use of the instruments operated by the MRRF. It is similar in function to those commonly found in other major MR Centers throughout the US. The MRRC’s responsibility is to review applications for MR-related aspects that are not reviewed by other oversight committees. The MRRC has two subcommittees that are responsible for the use of the 3T instruments and the 7T instrument, respectively.

Moreover, the MR research review committee is responsible with the assessment of a pilot and funded proposal for the following four issues:
  1. MR safety requirements
  2. Operational requirements
  3. Study design related to MR issues for unfunded pilot studies
  4. Priority of the proposal regarding magnet and personnel time
3T Subcommittee Members
Yongsheng Chen, PhD
Director of the MRRF
Associate Professor of Neurology
E. Mark Haacke, PhD
Professor of Radiology
Jiani Hu, PhD
Professor of Radiology
Yu-Chung Norman Cheng, PhD
Associate Professor of Radiology
Jeffrey Stanley, PhD
Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neurosciences
Christine Rabinak, PhD
Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice
Yang Xuan
3T Chief Tech.
Department of Radiology

7T Subcommittee Members
Under Construction.